Transform the way
your esport team works
Maximize your personal skills and improve team performance with Varcharr's robust and extensive features
Easy-to-Use Tactics
Just scroll the main feed and pick any tactic or move you would like to share with your team
Progress management
Never miss a task with personalized or team dashboard. See what your team is working on in a comprehensive view and share your progress. Keep track of the tricks and moves you're practicing and assess your progress with each
Team communication
Your team will be able to communicate and stay up to date on all project updates and news through online discussions and comments
We will assist your esports team in improving collaboration
We offer your team a complete set of tools for working with tactics and moves
Use on any device
Varcharr's interface is adaptable. Regardless of your location, you can now stay up to date on all team news and current tasks
Use a simple interface
We have created an intuitive and simple interface that you will quickly become accustomed to
Keep your tactics in order
You can share media files with your teammates by uploading them to teams, tactics, and moves. Varcharr can also serve as a repository for all of your cyber training
Work from anywhere
Esportsmen do not frequently gather for bootcamps. Maintain contact with teammates regardless of location, and communicate synchronously to avoid missing anything
Track the progress
You will notice an increase in your team productivity and effectiveness. Varcharr can serve as a cheat sheet during any game, making it simple to remember all of your preparations
Integrate Google tools and other popular services into your teams. Use youtube and gif services to illustrate your tactics
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